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Thank you so much for visiting Happy Tailz Pet Care Service! ​My name is Amy, and I've been around animals all of my life. I'm sublimely happy anytime that I get to cuddle with a canine, nuzzle a kitty-cat, trade nosey-bumps with bunnies, hug a sweet horse... Hey, if they're furry, I'm their friend! I've even been known to go ga-ga for iguanas, become spellbound by serpents, and gone crazy for Cockatoos. The opportunity to care for your beloved animals is not something I take lightly, and you can rest easy knowing that your furry (or scaly!) family are in good hands. Call today and arrange your complimentary meet-and-greet so that your cuddly creatures and I can get better acquainted!

Dog Walking

This is so important for dogs! As long as the temperature falls between 20° and 90° Fahrenheit, we can take your precious pooch on a fun walk. For the safety of your pets, we will limit our time outside if the temperatures are too hot or cold. $17 per 30 minute walk for one dog, plus $8 for each additional dog after.

Drop-In Visits

Our care isn't limited to dogs; our clients include cats, birds, fish, bearded dragons, bunnies, ferrets, and more! We love them all. Rates may vary depending on number of pets and location.

Waste Removal Services

Most people will agree this is the un-funnest part of pet ownership. For regular weekly clients, you can arrange to have your yard scooped on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis, if you like. Fee quotes will vary based on the frequency of visits, the number and size of your pets, and the size of the yard.

Grooming Services

At this time, we are only offering light grooming for our weekly petsitting clients. Grooming services are limited to brushing or combing their fur, brushing their teeth, or a dog bath. No nail clipping or haircuts at this time. The fee for these services will vary based on size of the animal, as well as their temperament.

Administering Meds

Does your pet need medicine of any kind? Not a problem!  A moderate fee is added to the regular pet visit rates.

Giving shots, pills, or liquid medicine given orally = $3

Administering bags of fluid = $5

Pet Taxi

Need a ride for your pets, or maybe some pet supplies? I can handle that for you. No matter if I’m simply shuttling them back and forth, staying with them at a vet/groomer/trainer appointment, or just picking up a bag of dog food for you, we can handle it in my Critter Cab! $25 for the first hour (1 hour base minimum) and $10 for each half hour after that. Simple errands to pick up dog food or various supplies are $10 plus cost of supplies.

10% or $3 (whichever is greater) discount available for Veterans and Senior Citizens. Don't forget to ask about referral rewards!

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